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We are Hiring!

05, July, 2022

We are hiring in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

by Joe Mihok
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05, October, 2020

While we at LMG remain diligent on keeping everyone safe, we are continuing business operations and at the current time, are able to fulfill existing orders and accept new orders reliably. Please call on us to help you in any and every way. We will do our utmost to help you to the fullest extent possible.

by LMG
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Battleford Widens it's Doors!

23, March, 2017

We are pleased to announce that the doors at the Battleford facility have been widened!

by Joe Mihok
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Company Time

17, November, 2016

Despite the continued slow state of the economy, LMG still managed to put together a fantastic company golf tournament and campout in Mannville over the weekend. And when I say LMG, I mean mostly Debbie Hudson, who usually does most of the heavy...

by Daryl Greenwood
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